Joe’s Juice 200ml


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Spectrum Sweet Spheroid – A taste of a rainbow with this skit-tish rainbow candy flavour, every humans favourite sweet candy treat!

Pink Stem Viscous Gloop – As far as we can tell, the pink stem is definitely rhubarb, and the viscous gloop is candy custard; very tasty retro flavour, probably nostalgia from their time in New Mexico…

Orange Sweet Joy Blocks – As every human knows, The twin to black anethole cuboids is tasty fruit salad candy, this flavour is out of this world… Literally!

Black Anethole Cuboid –  A blackjack style aniseed sweet flavour, the makers of this one hit the nail on the head; They really know how to make flavours for humans!


Strawberry – Ripe and juicy strawberries swirled into creamy custard filling on our signature biscuit base.

Lemon – Truly scrumptious blend of zesty lemons in a thick and creamy custard biscuit filling.

Caramel –  Deliciously sweet caramel layered in a crumbly shortcrust biscuit with smooth custard.

Blueberry –  Climb the tower of flavour with delicious custard cream biscuit blended with a fine blueberry sauce.

Custard Creme –  Who doesn’t love a traditional creamy biscuit? If you need the perfect companion to your freshly brewed cuppa. Crafted and created to be reminiscent of your favourite creamy custard biscuit – now as an E-Liquid.


Vanilla Custard – Aromatic Madagascan vanilla steeped in waves of delightful dairy custard.extravagant and opulent, everything but vanilla.

Strawberry Milk –  Delightful Ambrosia, velvety smooth milk, infused with lusciously ripe summer strawberries. A satisfyingly classic, nostalgic taste.

Lemon Tart –  Luscious and tangy, the dreamy union of buttery sweet pastry with a nectarous, tart citrus curd. Both naughty and nice…

Lemon Curd – Treat yourself to a new sensation, zesty and tart lemons, sweetened in a luxurious curd. A new jam for lemon lovers.

Cinnamon Bun –  Seductive sugar and cinnamon, dusted atop A glazed, bakery fresh, sweet cinnamon bun. A heartwarming tasty self-indulgence.

Caramel Cheesecake-  Finest Italian ricotta, folded under a sweet blanket of Decadent caramel with a hint of vanilla and butter biscuit. It’s good to be bad…

Butterscotch Popcorn – Freshly popped, buttery popcorn kernels, lavishly coated in sweet and sticky butterscotch. A fine treat for your senses.

Butterscotch Custard –  Delicious smells of rich and heavenly butterscotch sauce, in a smooth and creamy custard. Embracing and captivatingly good.

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Additional information


Human Juice – Orange Sweet Joy Blocks, Püd – Butterscotch Custard, Püd – Strawberry Milk, Püd – Vanilla Custard

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