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Zeus Juice 100ml/50ml Shortfill 0mg




The Black –  A great blackberry liquid with a hint of menthol on the exhale with a lovely tone of black current following it.

Black Reloaded –  Imagine The Black Astaire Enhanced in everyway – A complex blend of berries with the perfect balance of anise and a touch of menthol..

Atlantis –  Jump into the depths of the ocean with a refreshing smooth mix of blueberries and raspberries with a menthol hit.

Death by bunny – Zeus himself made this one. It will awaken your inner soul.Cream meets strawberry in this out of world experience. One for those who creamy vapes.

Dimbleberry-  An angel visited Zeus. Upon the rear was a dimple in the shape of a berry. Dimpleberry was born. Nectare of thd berries aniseed and citrus paid hommage to what Zeus saw that day

DodoBerry –  Zeus’s garden was a strange one as the trees bore a fruit like no other a perfect mix of four berrys so good he had to squeeze them and make this sweet juice.

Double Dragon-  The light shone on the valley the fruits ripened and then they were put in a juice. Great all day vape for those who love the fruit side. This one sits well, blended nicely with no fruit overpowering the next.

Dragon Claw –  A perfect treat your self vape for those looking for a punchy Citrus flavour with a gorgeous warm Aniseed after taste

Pheonix Tears – Phoenix Tears it is said that the tears of a phoenix have healing properties and this is true, This juice has a minty kick that will cure vapers tongue. Peppermint and hint of lemon a great menthol vape

Rhubarb & Custard –  Zeus’ Favourite treat, a nice creamy Rhubarb & Custard Sweet


Aphrodite ICE -So you think you know sherbet? Unless you’ve tried some Zeus Lime sherbet maybe not. This wonder is so good, SO amazing that it just makes you question your existence on this planet, with the amazing sweet yet refreshing zingy lime. Now with added ICE!

Medusa ICE-  Zeus faced a Medusa and laughed at it. The aniseed blood the citrus that penetrated his eyes were no match but immortalized in this juice. One for the aniseed and fruity lovers. Now with added ICE!

Sour apple Iced-  Zeus’ take on the forbidden fruit, “like biting into a beautifully ripe granny smith’. Now with added ICE!

The black iced-  A great blackberry liquid with a hint of menthol on the exhale with a lovely tone of blackcurrant following it. A top choice for a flavourful all day vape that will never get tired, you won’t be disapointed. Now with added ICE!

Tooth fairy Iced – What ya lost a tooth? and no money, but wait whats this? A bottle of juice that is far better than money. Like a sweet yet with a little sour undertone, fruity and moorish. Zeus weaved his wicked way with this one. Great for those who like sweet or fruity vape.. Now with added ICE!

DimpleBerry – ICED!

Dodoberry- ICED!

Double dragon ICED!

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Additional information


Double Dragon 100ml, Pheonix Tears 100ml, Thyphon, VERMILION

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