Doozy Vape Big Drip Shortfill E-Liquid 100ml

Doozy Vape Big Drip Shortfill E-Liquid 100ml

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Cherry Cola – A classic Pick N Mix treat of Sweet Cherry followed by an explosion of Fizzy Cola.

Watermelon Chill – Watermelon Chill Consists of Juicy Chunks of Sweet Red Watermelon Infused with Ice!

Bubblegum Candy – A mouthwatering combination of Candy with sweet Bubblegum and a hint of Spearmint makes this flavour a tasty treat!

Frozen Mango – Frozen Slices of Succulent Mango mixed with Crushed Ice so tasty it’s hard to put down!

Tropical Fruit – Tropical Fruit is a juicy blend of Pineapple and Passion Fruit with the unforgettable taste of Sweet Mangoes.

Raspberry Mojito – Raspberry Mojito includes perfectly ripe Raspberries and Sugarcane with a splash of Citrus. This refreshing combination is the perfect Cocktail.

Lemon Cake – A slice of your favourite Sponge Cake, infused with Lemon. A deliciously smooth and creamy dessert making this an irresistible treat.

Blue Raspberry – Blue Raspberry – A sweet combination of Blue Raspberries with a Tangy Twist that delivers a mouth watering experience.



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