Billiards Nic Salts

Billiards Nic Salts

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Kiwi Strawberry:
A delicious blend of ripe kiwi fruits and juicy red strawberries for a fruity and fragrant flavour.

Black Lemonade:
Thirst-quenching lemonade flavour with an intense blackcurrant taste on the exhale.

Blackberry Ice:
This blackberry e-liquid flavour features a hint of menthol for a nice and cooling effect.

Rola Cola:
Love that classic cola flavour? Then you will definitely enjoy this e-liquid.

Bubblegum Berries:
The fragrant bubblegum flavour with added berry notes for a unique type of sweetness.

Lemon Tart:
A delicious lemon tart e-liquid flavour with very subtle hints of vanilla.

The classic breath-refreshing menthol e-liquid for your daily vaping needs.

Cherry Bomb:
This delicious cherry-flavoured e-liquid will definitely satisfy your tastebuds.

Berry Blast:
A luscious blend of fresh mixed berries creates this intense flavour that you will enjoy.



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