Clown e Liquid by Bad Drip 120ml Short fill 0mg

Clown e Liquid by Bad Drip 120ml Short fill 0mg

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Crush: A refreshing mix of ripe oranges with tangerine tang inspire a refreshing orange soda blended with multiple fresh citrus flavors.

Drooly: A symphony of blackberries, juicy strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and freshly picked grapes create a sweet, candied fruit taste with strong notes of grape and blueberry.

Laffy: A nostalgic taste of chewy taffy enhanced with the powerful mix of sour blueberries and sweet grape flavor.

Pennywise: Bubblegum flavor follows a juicy sweet swirl of strawberry and bubblegum into a balanced harmony of fruit and candy flavors.

Pennywise ICED OUT: Juicy watermelon compliments a cooling blast of menthol flavor along with natural strawberries within a bubblegum flavour base. 

Skitzo: Hot, sweet caramel drizzles sour green apples with a hint of smooth cream within.

Sweet Tooth: Trickles of raspberry stream throughout a sugar-filled fluffy cotton candy cloud.

Twisty: Brimming with heaps of raspberries twisting through a creamy sweet and tart yogurt base.



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