Dr Vapes / Panther Nic Salts 10mg / 20mg

Dr Vapes / Panther Nic Salts 10mg / 20mg

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The Panther Series Flavours:


Gold – Fresh honey glazed lychees quickly backed up by the finest mangoes and guavas and the slightest bit of ice.


Blue – Rich blue raspberries combined with the sweet slush overtones to create an unforgettable taste.


Purple – Aromatic, sweet and tarty flavour bursting with a juicy mix of red, green and dark concord grapes.


Pink – Relive the good days with this sweet blackcurrant soft drink.


Black – Havana tobacco enriched with whirls of smooth madagascar bourbon vanilla, topped off with sticky, velvety peaks of melted turkish ice cream.


The Pink Series Flavours:


Pink Ice – Menthol version of it’s sister flavour pink.


Pink Smoothie – Smooth and creamy version of the iconic blackcurrant cotton candy flavour.


Pink Remix – Perfect blackcurrant soft drink blended with a sour kick and that dose of cotton candy and that hard candy too.


Pink Sour – A fruity blackcurrant drink mixed with sweet cotton candy, finished with a tangy sour aftertaste.


Pink Colada – Blackcurrant juice and ripe pineapple pieces, enriched with gorgeously satin smooth creamed coconuts.


Pink Candy – A juicy blast from the past with blackcurrants mixed with clouds of cotton candy.



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