Duty Free 60ml Shortfill
Duty Free 60ml Shortfill

Duty Free 60ml Shortfill

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Come vape the deep flavours of the world.

Kool Aid, from the USA - “Invigorating watermelon infused with black cherry, leaving you with sweet sugar lips, and the Friday feeling” AWARD WINNER: 
The Vaper Expo 2018 Menthol/Mint of the Show

Great Berries, from Great Britain - “Homegrown British Berries, blended together to give you
a mouthwatering summer vape anytime of the year.”

Champagne Reception, from France - “Fresh white grapes from the southern vineyards
of France, giving you a mouthful of bubbles and
a sparkling vape”

Double Hookah, from the UAE - “Double the apple, double the flavour, mixed apples blended with hookah tobacco from the 7-star resorts of the United Arab Emirates”

Strawberry Havana, from Cuba - “Refreshing red, ripe, strawberries, crushed with ice and a dash of lime, the sweet sensation of a Cuban daiquiri”

Chai Yen, from Thailand - “A delicious blend of zesty lemons and hand-picked tea leaves from the ancient hills of Thailand”

Cool Runnings, from Jamaica - “Rise and shine to the tropical taste of the Caribbean, sweet pineapple combined with a touch of sour grapefruit, leaving your taste buds tingling”

Chinese New Pair, from China - “Golden Chinese pears from the foothills of Tian Shan, thrown together with blackcurrants creating a truly unique taste.”

Banana Chill, from Ecuador - “Sweetened ripe bananas from the Ecuadorian banana plantations, hit by an artic ice blast, to keep your palate cool all day.”

Blue Mist, from Canada - “A delightful blend of Ontarian blueberries,mixed with
tea leaves to create a thirst quenching, all day vape.”



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