Freemax Marvos X MS-D Replacement Coil

Freemax Marvos X MS-D Replacement Coil

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Replacement coils for the Freemax Marvos series of kits, including the Marvos X 100w, Marvos 60w, MArgos S 80w, Pod Mod Kits and the Marvos T 80w Kit.

FreeMax MS Mesh Coil Series Specifications

The MS mesh coil are available in five different DTL coil builds, each with a different resistance and recommended power, and are sold in packs of five.

  • 0.15Ω MS-D (Dual) Mesh FM Coiltech5.0: 60 -80w (Best: 75w)
  • 0.35Ω MS-D (Dual) Mesh FM Coiltech5.0: 30 -50w (Best: 45w)
  • 0.15Ω MS Mesh FM Coiltech4.0 : 60 - 80w
  • 0.25Ω MS Mesh FM Coiltech4.0: 40 - 60w
  • 0.35Ω MS Mesh FM Coiltech4.0: 30 - 40w


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