Ghetto Penguin by Riot Squad e Liquid 50ml 0mg

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Ghetto Penguin by Riot Squad e Liquid 50ml 0mg - CrazyCloudzzz | Hardware | Premium E Liquid | Accessories | Coils | Batteries

Ghetto Penguin eliquids have been created by Riot Labs. Mixed & bottles in the UK, this range of eliquids features Fruit & menthol blends as well as smooth and rich desserts, for a flavour that will suit sweet tooth vapers.

Beaky Blue-  Beaky Blue eliquid is a sweet and cool blend for a balanced vape. A distinctive blue raspberry  flavour is present throughout, with a combination of sweet and sharp notes. An icy exhale creates a cool finish

Blueberry Rumble -  Blueberry Rumble eliquid is a fruity pastry blend. On inhale you'll immediately taste a sweet, yet sharp blueberry flavour. Followed on exhale by a buttery crumblw with sugary notes to finish.

Bubble Gun Chiller -  Bubble Gun Chiller eliquid is a smooth flavour combining candy and ice. On inhale, a bold bubblegum flavour comes through straight away with fruity notes and a sugary aftertaste; paired with a light icy exhale.

Custard Jail bird -  Custard Jail-Bird eliquid is a rich dessert blend, the overall flavour is reminiscent of a classic bread & butter pudding. Sweet and savoury notes feature throughout, undercut by fruit & spices. 

Forest Fruit Shorty -  Forest Fruit Shorty eliquid features a layered dessert flavour blend. A buttery shortbread biscuit creates a rich base note, that is sweetened by cream and a fruit jam with hints of blackberry and raspberry to finish.

Lim Lemon Felon - Lil Lemon Felon eliquid combines the sweet dessert flavour of bread & butter pudding. A smooth custard on exhale gives this blend creamy notes, sharpened a by a hint of lemon to finish.

Strawberry Waddlemelon - Strawberry Waddlemelon eliquid fuses fruits with ice for a balanced taste. The strawberry  flavour has sweet and juicy notes, with the watermelon adding a light aftertaste. The ice on exhale creates a smooth finish.

Harlem Rockhopper -  Harlem Rockhopper eliquid an authentic tasting soda flavour. A sharp combination of lemon and lime on inhale creates a citrus base note with slightly sweet notes, with a tangy sodafinish.

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