Hades 100ml Shortfill

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Hades 100ml Shortfill

Grape Strawberry
The bloodiest of the strawberries mixed with the essence of the darkest grapes create a perfect vape experience.

Sweet Mango
The essence of ancient mangos cultivated on top of the Mount Olympus is responsible for this amazing flavour.

Pink Lemonade
The fruits gathered by the Goddess Of The Harvest Demeter herself were pressed into this enchanting e-liquid.

Blue Razz
This liquid carries the juice of the blue raspberries that are only growing nearby the underworld river Styx.

Apple and Mango
Mangos of the Mortal World and the Olympian Apple Nectar favoured by Dionysos created one of the best e-liquids.

Orange Fantasi
Oranges are also known as The Fruit Of The Gods on Olympus so you will only need few inhales to feel divine.

Lemon and Lime
This unique mouth-watering elixir was a secret closely guarded by the titans until its recipe was trusted upon us.

Rainbow Sherbet
This flavour was extracted from the light dispersed by the crystals of the underworld and captured in a bottle.

Cherry Sherbet
Ripe cherries growing in the underworld were distilled into sweet rocks that were then fused into e-liquid.

VG/PG Ratio: 70% VG / 30% PG

Nicotine Strength/s: 0mg (0%)

Bottle Size: 120ml

E-Liquid in Bottle: 100ml

Adding Nicotine Shot: 2 X 18mg makes it 3MG