IVG Millions range

IVG Millions range

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Orange millions- 

The all new Orange Millions by I VG Premium E-Liquids is a citric candy orange, infused with light undertones of bubblegum

Lemon millions-

The all new Lemon Millions by I VG Premium E-Liquids is the perfect blend of lemon sweets and bubblegum with hints of sweet and sour notes

Spearmint millions-

Fresh punch of spearmint to tantalise your senses with a hint of bubblegum.

Blackcurrant millions- 

Blackcurrant Millions E-Liquid by I VG Sweets offers a fruity bubblegum flavoured experience vape that everyone will enjoy.

Strawberry millions-

Step back into the sweet world of mouth-watering fruity bubblegum candy experience! With fine-tuned strawberry combination this is one juice you will keep coming back to.

Bubblegum millions-

Bubblegum Millions E-Liquid by I Like Sweets offers bubblegum flavoured fun that you won’t need to stick to the bottom of the desk!



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