Juice N Power Shortfill E-Liquid 50ml
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Juice N Power Shortfill E-Liquid 50ml

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Shock -  When it comes to tasting the rainbow, there is no better way to do it than this. First, you’ll experience an intense infusion of the juiciest of fruity flavours. Next, your tongue will be overcome with a sheer rainbow of sweetness enveloping your palate and delighting your senses.

Strike -  The honeydew melons that you experience in our Strike E-liquid are so powerful, so ripe that you will be disappointed the next time you try one in real life. We have then paired the flavour of the ripest melons with what can only be described as an eruption of the wildest berries you could ever hope to try – together generating a flavoursome vortex on your palate.

Surge - A volcanic eruption of delicious sweet mangos explodes in your mouth, sending your tongue reeling. Next, your tongue will be brought back from the brink only to be hit by a powerful tidal wave of luscious peaches – a truly intense juice for your vape.

Spark -  Initially, you will be hit by the sweet, soft notes of a succulent watermelon. Next, this will be followed up by the freshest of limes, the zesty notes overflowing and a distinct hint of tang. Lastly, you’ll find a light, but unmistakable, touch of cool mint, just enough to freshen your senses and cleanse them in preparation for your next experience.

VG 70% | PG 30%



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