Lemonade Nation E Liquid 50ml 0mg

Lemonade Nation E Liquid 50ml 0mg

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Lemonade Nation E-liquids are a supreme premium range of vape juice combining the perfect blends of fruit and lemonade to leave your mouth watering with every vape. This range is the short fill range which is 50ml with a choice to add a 18mg nicotine shot to make it 3mg in strength

Enhance your taste and choose from some of these extrememly awesome tasting lemonade based eliquids and join in on this popular range, for when the nation is dealt lemons we simply vape lemonade

There are 4 fantastic flavours to choose from:

Blue - Blue Lemonade  eliquid is a cocktail flavour with a tangy twist. With a fizzy lemonade as a base, there’s a predominantly sweet taste. This is offset by a zesty citrus note, that tastes similar to blue curacao. These flavours combined create a sweet electric lemonade.

Red - Red Lemonade eliquid is a beverage flavour that will turn back the clock to childhood. Starting with a fizzy lemonade base, then adding a sweet and slightly tart cherry, combined together you have a tangy cherryadeflavour.

Black - Black Lemonade eLiquid by Lemonade Nation features a fruity blending of Lemonade and Blackcurrant flavours. 

Pink - Pink Lemonade eLiquid by Lemonade Nation is characterized by a blend of, you’ve guessed it, Pink Lemonade flavours



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