Moreish Puff Airbar Disposable

Moreish Puff Airbar Disposable

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That renowned delicious Banana flavour engulfed in a cool Ice. Every inhale exhilarates your senses with a delectably rich banana followed up with a breezy cool hit. Banana Ice Disposable Device: 20mg Nic Salt Up to 575 Puffs.

Immensely tasty Blueberries followed up with a blast of cool Ice entitles this flavour as the perfect Blueberry blend. Blueberry Ice Disposable Device: 20mg Nic Salt.

A magnificent mixture of mint and cool ice, this delicate and sweet peppermint flavour will freshen up your airways and leave your palate cool and refreshed. Cool Mint Disposable Device: 20mg Nic Salt.

Grape Ice is a thirst quenching blend of dark grapes followed up with a breezy wave of refreshing ice on the exhale.  Grape Ice Disposable Device: 20mg Nic Salt.

A truly luscious sweet and succulent juicy Pineapple on the luscious inhale followed up with some icy undertones for this paradise of a flavour. Pineapple Ice Disposable Device: 20mg Nic Salt.

Filled with delicious Raspberries giving you a sweet and tart flavour but also hit with a splash of refreshingly tasty Lemonade to finish. Pink Lemonade Disposable Device: 20mg Nic Salt.

Sweet, piquant Mangoes are followed up deliciously with only the finest Strawberries. Together, this combination tastes like straight-up paradise. Strawberry Mango Disposable Device: 20mg Nic Salt.

Strawberry and Watermelon make an utterly mouth-watering pair, with all the succulent sweetness of Strawberries with the refreshing, luscious mellow Watermelon. Strawberry Watermelon Disposable Device: 20mg Nic Salt.

A sweet and tropical, juicy Watermelon is coated by a sugary hard Candy shell. An insanely tasty flavour that will have you hooked.  Watermelon Candy Disposable Device: 20mg Nic Salt.

Refreshing and sweet, this Watermelon Ice delivers a tropical taste with an Ice Cool kick. The ripe-tasting, sweet notes of Watermelon are consistent throughout creating an unbelievable taste. Watermelon Ice Disposable Device: 20mg Nic Salt.



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