Mr Juicer 60ml

Mr Juicer 60ml

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  • Berry Crunch Hazelnut - This rare and unique combination of blackberries, sweet strawberries and creamy hazelnut leaves you wishing it was your creation.
  • Strawberry Haze - Taste of cloudy Strawberry Haze!
  • Mango Lychee - Mix Mango and Lychee make a better taste!
  • Apple Flame - Tasty feel of real Apple in vaping!
  • Grape Mist - Taste of sweet juice Grape combination!
  • Bull Frost - The taste of world famous Energy Drinks!
  • Mojito Forest - The taste of mojito’s inside!
  • Butterscotch Custard - A rich and sweet buttery butterscotch entwined with decadent milky, served up with lashings                                          of creamy custard.


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