*NEW* Juice N Power Shock Range 50ml 0mg

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*NEW* Juice N Power Shock Range 50ml 0mg

Juice N Power Shock bubblegum - Got a sweet tooth? Relive your childhood with the irresistibly sugary fragrance of Shock Bubble-gum. Its surely the sweetest scent around

Juice N Power Shock Tropical - Shake it up with a shock tropical, a mouth-watering combination of exotic fruit flavours blended to take your mouth on holiday with every vape.

Juice N Power Shock Fizz -  Feel the fun and explore new taste dimensions with Shock Fizz. Blast your tongue into hyperdrive with a rocking rainbow of fizzing fruity flavours.

Juice N Power Spearmint -  Feel a cool and refreshing icy mint blast with the Shock Spearmint e-liquid, designed to tingle your taste buds and clean the palate.

Nicotine: 0mg
Size: 50ml 60ml bottle)

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