Ohm Baked 50ml

Ohm Baked 50ml

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Orange Almond Tart - soaked sponge encased in sweet pastry, topped with glazed orange slices and delicately flaked almonds. Naughty but neat-o!

Apricot Passion Fruit - A beatnik concoction of ripe apricots and tangy passionfruit, baked to syrupy perfection and rolled in a warm fluffy pastry.

Apple & Rhubarb Crumble - Crisp green apples and tangy rhubarb, baked until deliciously syrupy and sprinkled with buttery golden-brown crumbs. For cool cats who dig crumble.

Cherry Bakewell - Light, fluffy almond sponge layered with tarte raspberry jam and slathered in sugared icing. Topped with totally swell sweet cherries.

Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream - Indulge in the Daddy-O of all desserts with this gooey oven-baked brownie, topped with lashings of decadent vanilla ice cream.



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