Valhalla V2 RDA 2021 Edition

Valhalla V2 RDA 2021 Edition

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The Valhalla 38 RDA is a new, innovative design that has been designed to work with the Hammer of God series. The original was wildly popular due to its massive build space and incredible flavor which was double-diffused for increased airflow.

The Valhalla v2 RDA 2021 Edition was constructed to provide the most pleasurable experience for those who love chasing huge clouds. The deck of this atomizer is wider and larger than its predecessor, giving you more space on which to build your coils. This makes building a breeze! With so much power behind it, we're confident that anyone will be able to enjoy using our newest release with ease.

The Valhalla v2 RDA 2021 edition has been created as an enhancement of one of Vaperz Cloud's best-selling products: the original Valkyrie II mod kit (which includes both vaping hardware and ejuice). It features new materials designed specifically for cloud chasers - whether you prefer mouth-to-lung or direct lung The Valhalla V2 is a 40mm RDA that still features 88 intake airflow holes as well as an 11 mm deep juice well. The build deck consists of four 3.5 x 3.5 post holes which will take even the most extreme builds with ease and quality-performance!



  • 40mm Outer Diameter
  • 88 Intake Airflow Holes
  • Top-to-Bottom Airflow Design
  • Four 3.5mm X 3.5mm Post Holes
  • 11mm Juice Well
  • Inner ULTEM AFC Chamber
  • ULTEM Chamber Reducer
  • Spares baggie

Package Contents

  • 1x 40mm Valhalla V2 RDA
  • Bag of spares
  • 1x Ultem Chamber Reducer
  • 1x Inner Ultem AFC Chamber


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