Zeus X RTA Geek Vape

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Zeus X RTA Geek Vape

When Geek Vape released their 3rd famous atomiser Zeus, it is of course a real event. Named Zeus X RTA, this V3 is compiled of elements which have been very successful by the predecessors while adding new elements. A real outcome for reconstructable also in flavour as well as vapor.

The Zeus X RTA proposes a design which is very imposing, all in roundness. It always has a diameter of 25mm and the arrival of air remains at the level of the top cap so you can assure a vape without the leaking of liquids. (2ml TPD) 

Where the Zeus X RTA is innovative, is at the level of the assembly plate. A postless for simple or double coils, which tuns out to be more comfortable and can be easy to use with assemblies. The plate is associated with new airflow system, larger to be more precise, for more vapor and flavours. Without fault!

The Zeus X RTA reconstructable atomiser is made by Geek vape.